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A world’s hut,
a whole world inside a hut.

A journey that everyone can undertake in a completely personal way, planning the route and choosing the Hut both as starting and arrival point, but above all as reference site that allows to savour the real essence of this amazing environment.

Beginning from the most electrifying and adventurous activities to the palate pleasures  , able to delight with genuineness.

From solo hiking, where the only companion is the voice of nature, to the warm convivial atmospheres arising inside the Hut, around a table, before and after an excursion to tell.

From the silver snow framing uncommon winter activities and far from the confusion of ski-runs, to the most luxuriant nature, astonishing the gaze at each step.

Mountain is an emotion. For those approaching for the first time, looking around among the copious possibilities that this environment can offer.

For people that already know its magic and are aware that once experienced it’s hard to live without it.

The mountain is a special experience for everybody, choose your activity!

One destination,
a lot of journeys holydays to discover

A new conception of hospitality fully to experience, conceived for everyone who wants to live the mountain as a real holiday, relaxing and far from the chaotic dimensions of traditional destinations, or lively and funny, for people who is no longer satisfied with “the usual”.

Gastronomy huts: where
genuineness is a way of life.

The Lombard mountain landscape, among pastures and valleys surrounded by the nature, recalls the smell of typical dishes, the genuine taste of receipes cooked as in the past, with enthusiasm and simplicity. The Lombard enogastronimic tradition is born in the simplest locations and still lives today on Huts’ tables, waiting for those willing to rediscover its taste.

Trekking: in search of the perfect destination.

Green forests where the wind-swish resounds, rocks shaped by centuries and clean waters reflecting the surrounding landscape. Among these views, several trekking trails and paths for all tastes extricate, where comfortable and equipped Huts become an invaluable support site.

Mountain Bike: rides through long
paths of our dreams.

A discipline further enriching the multitude of activities at high altitude, offering corious attractions above all for youngest people and new opportunities to discover the mountain in its whole beauty. Mountain biking is a movement that grows and spread thanks to the support of Lombardy’s Huts network, starting and arrival points, but also intermediate stops for many unforgettable cycle-excursions.

Mountaineering: education for life
into the nature.

The “battle with the mountain top” is a discipline rich in hints, just because everyone puts his personality, skill and personal motivations. Experienced whether as ordinary sport, funny adventure, or romantic challenge, mountain climbing is all along one of the historical activities coordinated and promoted by Loombardy’s Huts. An intense and authentic path to contemplate the mountain in its real nature.

Rock Climbing: vertical emotions
among rocks.

The pleasure of a conquered mountaintop is a treasure lasting forever for everyone that experiences it and everyone believing it worths the climb strain and the full concentration during more critical moments. The capabilty to admire a landscape from the top of a rock face, with a full throath breathing; then coming back to the Hut to share the emotions with somebody who really understands what we are talking about.

Ski touring

The mountain never tires of amazing and also during the coolest months it raises the curtain on indescribable landscapes, turning into the stage for new activities filled with emotions. Off track skiing arises for those willing to feel closely the mountain heartbeat, even under the winter snowy blanket. It’s enough to choose the route and the destination, trusting on one among the several Lombardy’s Huts open all year.

Snowshoes: hiking on the snow.

Thanks to snowshoes you can explore the whole peasure of the snow-covered nature belonging to the amazing Lombardy’s mountains. Snowshoes are the ideal allies for winter excursions accessible to everyone, where fun and relax merge into an irresistible charm. It’s necessary to reach or start from one among Lombardy’s Huts covered by candid snow, diving into woods surrounded by mountains, charting always new courses, searching for unbelievable experiences.