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Rock Climbing: vertical emotions
among rocks.

The pleasure of a conquered mountaintop is a treasure lasting forever for everyone  that experiences it and everyone believing it worths the climb strain and the full concentration  during more critical moments. The capabilty to admire a landscape from the top of a rock face, with a full throath  breathing; then coming back to the Hut to share the emotions with somebody who really understands what we are talking about.

Climbing a mountain requires strategy, technical training, commitment, deep knowledge of our surrounding and grounded safety criteria to minimize the risk.

But climbing means to trust into our own skills too, and believing into the collaboration with travel companions, to reach together the mountaintop always dreamed.

The award is unique and undescribable, the freedom pleasure, the nature embrace and new landscapes open up to the admiration, making room for never tried feelings.

Not to mention each memory, able to bring us back to the mountaintop even when we are back home and we are together around a table of a good Hut, surrounded by friends and companions that will listen to the history of a new adventure…