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Bergamo: lungo il corso
di luoghi incantati.

How can you not love the mountains of Bergamo? The Orobie area frames a perfect natural setting in which the Brembo and Serio rivers lead visitors through evocative valleys where the sweetness of nature alternates with the wild spirit typical of the Alps.
Valle Seriana and Valle Brembana, but also Valtorta, Val Taleggio, Valbondione, Valcanale and Val di Scalve are just some of the destinations from which to explore the peculiarities of the Orobie, such as the slopes of Presolana, Pizzo Arera and Pizzo Coca.

The Orobian area is dominated by the extensive Parco delle Alpi Orobie, about 6300 hectares of unspoilt forests and pastures where the extraordinary environmental wealth is manifested in a variety of fauna and flora to be discovered, thanks to the convenient network of mountain huts set in the area.
One of the main aspects of the Park is the abundance of streams, torrents and rivers that give rise to natural spectacles such as the Serio waterfall in Valbondione (the highest in Italy) or the picturesque gorges carved into the rock over the centuries, such as those of the Dezzo (Valle di Scalve) or the Enna torrent (Val Taleggio).
And then there are the lakes scattered at medium and high altitudes amidst woods and steep cliffs, such as Lake Barbellino, Lake Coca and the Twin Lakes, authentic jewels of a panorama that is worth more than a visit.


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