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Mountain Bike: rides through long
paths of our dreams.

A discipline further enriching the multitude of activities at high altitude, offering corious attractions above all for youngest people and new opportunities to discover the mountain in its whole beauty. Mountain biking is a movement that grows and spread thanks to the support of Lombardy’s Huts network, starting and arrival points, but also intermediate stops for many unforgettable cycle-excursions.

The uphill effort, while your wheels plough through a climbed trail, and later the pleasure of discent, when your tyres plough through the ground, searching for an open road to go through.

The two wheel world has conquered the mountain’s heart that has revealed perfect routes for who has choosen the mountain biking as lifestyle and a way to dive into the environment, replacing trekking with an outdoor pedaling.

Ideal summer sport for off track skiers and ski hikers, but at the same time a chance for a funny family excursion or with friends, the experience in the saddle allows to choose longer routes and exciting paths to experience in the complete respect for nature, following the experts’ suggestions or joining in with tours and courses organized right by the same Lombardy’s Huts themselves.