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Lecco: fascinating
likeside terrace.

Just behind Lecco, the valleys belonging the the province are long and narrow territories following the run of creeks, in an impetuous rush towards the lake of the same name, famous tourist destination easily reachable from the main regional urban centres.

The area surrounding Lecco is pervaded by a deep green, colour of the authentic nature prevailing valleys like Valsassina, while the peaks kissed by the sun are an enticement for the lovers of the most pristine mountain.

Without forgetting the pitoresque nature reserves, like the Regional Park of Northern  Grigna, a treasure chest of wild unalterated nature, extending for 5000 hectares.

The two Grigne, undisputed lombard excursion destinations, appear like natural barrage between the lake and the eastern valleys, while Pizzo dei Tre Signori and the Mount Legnone dominate Valvarrone, strip of land set among slopes rich in routes fully to discover.

From Mount Brianza to the Corni di Canzo and the Mount Barro in the eastern area, up to the northern side, from Albenza to Piani dei Resinelli with Resegone in the middle, the area belonging to Lecco is able to give emotions to the experienced hikers but also to those willing to perform the first steps in mountain, enjoying the landscapes with lake-view and choosing the warm hospitality of the local huts.


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