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Lombardia: a unique land,a lot of emotions.

A region that lives and gives emotions along its countless routes, every time offering a new experience, impossible to forget.

Lombardy is surrounded by a varied mountain landscape – over one third of the region! – able to offer opportunities for every need, comfortable huts for each research path, unbelievable panoramas for every gaze.

Among snow-covered mountaintops raising towards the sky and steep valleys where the nature has remained intact, Lombardy represents a unique framework in the italian  Alpine overview. An experience possible at every moment of the year for those searching a valuable option to the frenzy of everyday life.

It’s enough to close your eyes and being inspired, carried away by the enticement of  different territories. From Como-Varese, Lecco, Sondrio, Bergamo or Brescia, in each destination it lives an unexpected genuineness corner waiting to be discovered and experienced.

Bergamo, Brescia, Como & Varese, Lecco e Sondrio. A unique land, a lot of emotions.

Bergamo: lungo il corso
di luoghi incantati.

La straordinaria ricchezza di acque superficiali nella zona delle Orobie Bergamasche è pronta a condurre chiunque attraverso paesaggi incantevole. Qui la natura attende chi sa ascoltare la sua voce per svelare un ambiente dalla flora e fauna straordinarie, capaci di lasciare un ricordo indelebile.

Brescia: where nature
hearth beats.

A varied and smazing landscape, ideal destination for a journey inside the heart of an uncontaminated nature. At the foot of Mount Adamello, a mosaic of striking valleys, from the upper part of Camonica Valley to the lower valleys, where the uncountable huts offer the perfect viewpoint for the discovery of real natural paradises.

Como: breathing the air of
the territory.

A territory rich in excursion routes ranging from Como to Varese, stroking the neighbour Switzerland, to prove that paradise is often closer compared to what we can believe. The simple stop inside a hut where you can rediscover the pleasure of nature can be the opportunity to enter a world appearing new, but that all along belongs to us.

Lecco: fascinating
likeside terrace.

The landscape around Lecco astonishes with its hidden and unexpected beauty. A network of routes exploring and crossing a collection of green and luxuriant valleys that , observed from the lake, seem to raise up, toward the majestic mountain top, among corners of natural paradise and cozy huts where you can take off for the research of the perfect panorama.

Sondrio: the taste of a
genuine territory.

Discovering one among the most beloved valleys of lombard Alps, Valtellina, disclosing its charm through a range of opportunities suitable for every season and each taste. Characterized by unlimited excursions through the routes of Stelvio National Park up to the smaller valleys, but equally enchanting, where the landscape seems born to delight all senses, from the sight to the palate.
A corner of
paradise for everyone