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Mountaineering: education for life
into the nature.

The “battle with the mountain top” is a discipline rich in hints, just because everyone puts his personality, skill and personal motivations.

Experienced whether as ordinary sport, funny adventure, or romantic challenge, mountain climbing is all along one of the historical activities coordinated and promoted by Loombardy’s Huts.

An intense and authentic path to contemplate the mountain in its real nature.

Somebody says that mountain climbing is a matter of spirit, the achievement of one’s strength of mind against nature adversities, without dominance: a battle without enemies and  losers, the best victory.

From the simple rises to the more technical mixed routes, from the modern climbs on the rocks up to the waterfalls, mountain climbing means experiencing the magic of the mountain environment, far from crowded dimensions.

For everyone willing to face this challenge, Lombardy houses striking Huts, like the one menaged by Marco and Rosa in Valmanenco; with its 3.609 mt of altitude it’s the highest  in whole Europe. Each of them is like a doorway on a world to discover, but at the same time, a warm homely corner with an unmatched hospitality.