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Brescia: where nature
hearth beats.

Between Lakes Garda and Iseo, a landscape so various and amazing unfolds itself, making the territory around Brescia a perfect destination for a journey rich in always new emotions. 

Queen of the landscape is the green and tapered Camonica Valley, set for over 100 Km between the Adamello Massif and Eastern Orobie Alps. The Camonica Valley gathers inside its extension all features typical of prealpine and alpine valleys, without forgetting the traces of as many as 10.000 years of history, building the cultural heritage of Camonica Valley. But it’s nature the aspect amazing the gaze of who deepens into the land discovery and decides to live the atmosphere of a stay inside the striking mountain huts of the area  around Brescia, among unforgettable savours and colours.

Luxuriant slopes sprinkled by parks, reserves and protected areas full of flora and fauna, reason for national natural interest, as the Natural Park of Adamello and the Regional Park of the Upper side of Lake Garda belonging to Brescia territory. A relevant hydrographic system, composed by lakes and waterways that has shaped the landscape.long wide valleys leading to the perennial glaciers’ snow .

Here, nature reignes unchallenged and beats the pulsating heart of most genuine Alps.


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