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Mt. 2100

Rifugio Omio

Omio Hut located in the wild Valle dell’Oro preserves even now a rustic/traditional appearance that allows everyone (from the experienced hiker to the family on a trip) to authentically experience mountain.
It can be reached by parking the car at Bagni di Masino across a trail accessible for all trekkers and, for those who is not satisfied with a simple hike, it’s possible to climb on granite, especially on peak Sfingeand on Peak MIlano.
Moreover, the hut is a stop-over of Roma trail, therefore of the great race Kima.
Beds: 30 Dining seats: 28 Local Places Winter: 9 Discounts CAI
  • Access On Foot Only
  • Sheet Bag For Sale
  • Current 220V
  • Shower
- accessible trail (ideal destination also for school groops and oratory trips...)
- family-run hut
- torchlight walk of 15 August for an alternative Feast of the Assumption

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