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Here’s a route really “4 seasons”

  • Durata complessiva: 1:00
  • Difficoltà: mule track and easy trail

Here’s a route really “4 seasons”: the hike to lake Palù is worthy in spring, when the slopes of Sasso Nero get covered by rhododendrons, in summer, when from the sunny meadows of alp Palù you enter into the coolness of the woods (or into the icy water of the lake!), it’s worthy in winter, when the magic of snow envelops the pine forest, or even in autumn, when the woods is embellished with orange stains of the larches, in contrast with the dark green of the pine trees or the white of the new snow…

A classical destination of Valmalenco, very easily accessible even in winter: in this season, you can even reach it in a few minutes’ walk, on a slight descent, from the ski runs of Palù, but you can get there with greater satisfaction, following the uphill mule track from San Giuseppe and Barchi.

Access is from San Giuseppe, heading towards the chair lift: in summer, you can continue along the road leading to Barchi, then you can park on the winter ski slope, at Barchi food court; instead, in winter you have to leave your car in the parking lot of the chair lift. Once you get at Barchi, you continue for a few hundred feet behind the hut, along the azure slope, then you take the small street going deep into the woods (road signs to Lake Palù).

Once you get at the shores of Lake Palù (m. 1950, 1 hour from Barchi, 2 hours from San Giuseppe) you can flank the lake on the left, heading for Palù hut, where you enjoy an amazing view of the hollow: in summer and winter, we suggest the delicious hospitality of the hut, where it’s definitely worth spending at least one night, to admire a starry sky on the lake.

In summer, the way back is the same of the ascent, while in winter you can even descend on the skiing facilities up to San Giuseppe: the chairlift provides a service of descent for pedestrians, too.

Place of departure: Locality Barchi (or San Giuseppe), m. 1748 (m. 1522)

Arrival: Lake Palù, m. 1950

Travel time

1 hour (2 from San Giuseppe)

Total altitude range

200 m (430 from San Giuseppe)

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