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Stelvio National Park, a place
of discoveries and emotions.

The largest of the Italian parks is a reserve of routes and chances for people searching for unforgettable views and for those who want closely to know an heritage of fauna and flora of immeasurable value.

134.620 hectares, a variety of natural environments ranging from 600 to 4000 meters. More than 100 glaciers, 4 provinces (Sondrio, Brescia, Trento and Bolzano).

But numbers are not the only ones to make the Stelvio National Park a source of genuine emotions. Regulated since 1935, the Park is a protected areas among the most interesting in Europe. On the borders are situated all alpine landforms, from glaciers to cultivated areas, that like fragments of an enormous mosaic create a view hard to forget. The largest area is the territory of Lombardy region, bordering the Natural Park of Brenta-Adamello and Engadina National Park.

The valleys are tipically alpine, but each of them owns its own history and magic, thanks to the different geomorphologic and naturalistic aspects.

Like the Forni valley, where is located the homonym glacier famous all over the world, the wild Gavia valley, the green Valfurva, the harsh Zebrù valley. Near Livigno lie Alpisella valley, Trela valley and the pristine Cancano valleys. Adda and Braulio valleys represent ancient communication routes, whereas rural traces survive in Rezzalo valley. In the province of Brescia, Grande valley, Canè valley rich in fauna, the isolated Messy valley and the small Viso valley.

The flora of the Stelvio National Park is a constellation of colors and scents varying according to the seasonal pattern; it’s always a new show.
Spruces, Swiss pines and larches are the protagonists of coniferous forests, whereas rare species like the Edelweiss strike all along for a beauty able to survive in adverse conditions.

Deers, chamois, ibex and roe deers inhabit the valleys of Lombardy of the Park together with marmots, stoats, badgers, foxes and Alpine hares. Without forgetting the majestic eagles. They are the real inhabitants of the Stelvio National Park, that must be respected and protected, especially by those willing to admire them closely.

It is not always easy to catch sight of them, they are shy, even nearly “jealous” of the territory they have been able to preserve! You have to be patient, sensitive and perhaps the help of a guide to follow along the routes twisting and turning among Valleys and Huts, in search of unforgettable experiences.

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Huts involved in

Hut Bonetta

Locality: Passo Gavia 
Valfurva Height 2652mt
Bonetta Passo Gavia 2652mt Bonetta
Ghiacciaio dei Forni

Hut Ghiacciaio dei Forni

Locality: Valfurva 
Valfurva Height 2200mt
Ghiacciaio dei Forni Valfurva 2200mt Ghiacciaio dei Forni
Quinto Alpini Bertarelli

Hut Quinto Alpini Bertarelli

Locality: Val Zebrù 
Valfurva Height 2877mt
Quinto Alpini Bertarelli Val Zebrù 2877mt Quinto Alpini Bertarelli

Hut Branca

Locality: Lago Delle Rosole 
Valfurva Height 2493mt
Branca Lago Delle Rosole 2493mt Branca

Hut Campo

Locality: Campo 
Valfurva Height 2000mt
Campo Campo 2000mt Campo
Federico in Dosdè

Hut Federico in Dosdè

Locality: Dosde' 
Valdidentro Height 2133mt
Federico in Dosdè Dosde' 2133mt Federico in Dosdè
Garibaldi Dreisprachenspitze

Hut Garibaldi Dreisprachenspitze

Locality: Passo Dello Stelvio 
Bormio Height 2845mt
Garibaldi Dreisprachenspitze Passo Dello Stelvio 2845mt Garibaldi Dreisprachenspitze

Hut Pizzini

Locality: Valfurva 
Valfurva Height 2706mt
Pizzini Valfurva 2706mt Pizzini

Hut Viola

Locality: Valdidentro 
Valdidentro Height 2314mt
Viola Valdidentro 2314mt Viola

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