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Holiday at hut

Discovering the pristine nature of Adamello Brenta Park.

A reserve of environmental wonders to explore and to know thanks to copious hikes leading to the natural heart of the Adamello alpine group.

Set in the heart of the Rhaetian Alps, northeast of province of Brescia, the Adamello Brenta Park is a magnificent example of alpine landscape, rich in surprises. An extensive network of organised trails, included the famous Trail No.°1, but simpler routes too, to walk through on foot, riding and on mountain bikes.

The landscape of the Park recalls the typical features ot Central-Southern Alps, with coniferous forests covering the slopes of mountains, grasslands, grazings and inaccessible cliffs, offering indescribable sights.

The same geological and geomorphological diversity of the two Adamello and Brenta Dolomites massifs, awards to this protected area distinct character, like its environmental richness, where a multiplicity of the flora of approximately 1500 species houses brown bears, chamoix, ibex, but also eagles, marmots and much, much more.

The access to the Park is possible from the several side valleys: single micro-worlds with distinctive characters. The same Adamello-Presanella Group represents a precious reserve of ultra pure waters that from the multiple glaciers originate watercourses and extraordinary waterfalls.


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