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Holiday at hut

Genuine natural scenarios and precious environmental biodiversity inside the Park of Barro Mountain.

The Park of Barro Mountain is a real great source of history, archeology, ethnography, ornithology, botany, hiking and mountain climbing, where everybody can find its own discovery dimension.

Located just outside Milan, the Park of Barro Mountain is characterized by an easily accessible natural environment, gathering on a relatively small surface endless possibilities from the naturalistic, historical, archaeological and landscape-related point of view.

Dolomitic chalky elevation located at the southern border of Lombardy Prealps and surrounded by Annone and Garlate lakes and by the branch of Como Lake, the Barro Mountain is a solitary elevation (not casually called the fourth orphan mount of Lombardy), but rich in naturalistic, historical and cultural appeal.

Among the peculiar features of the park, it’s important to remember the magnificent charming scenery, above all at the mountain top, 44 km of ways leading to the spots of major interests, the environment rich in endemic flora and fauna, the ornithological Station of Costa Perla, where the bird migration is studied, Camporeso Cliff, with 160 equipped trails, and even several cultural and artistic relics, like the remains of Gothic settlement in the V-VI century AD, the incomplete 18th-century St. Michele Church, the suggestive Villa Bertarelli.

The area is full of è trekking trails linked to “From the Plain to the Lake” trail, from Lecco to Merate through the Park of Barro Mountain, PLIS St. Genesio and the Park Montevecchia and of Curone Valley.

Along these itinieraries it’s possible to notice the high environment biodiversity, from woods to cliffs, through the safeguard of the major floral diversity of the area, besides several rare wildlife species, above all with regard to birds, that can be closely observed during walks and hikes in direct contact with a genuine nature.


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