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Holiday at hut

Experiencing a real adventure through Tibetan bridges and the glacial trail in Altavaltellina.

Absolutely not be missed, the thrill to cross the Tibetan bridges in close proximity of Forni glacier, between the waterfalls powerful sound and the view of unforgettable shows.

A striking and exciting passage, a bridge connecting the past events and taking us back up to its very ancient origins.

The Tibetan bridge arises in Himalaya, the region with the highest mountains in the world, as connection structure composed by a rope working as pavement and two ropes/side handrails, at a distance of approximately one meter.
The three ropes are triangular arranged and reinforced by side forestays, thus creating a framework where the tension reduces the lateral oscillations, so that the bridge turns out to be extremely firm.

The Tibetan bridge crosswalk is a rare occasion, that can be experienced in complete safety in Altavaltellina, taking advantage of a rich natural environment, where “being suspended” is an unmatched experience.

The bridge is part of the glacier trail of Forni Glacier (built in 1995 for the centenary of the establishment of the Italian Glacier Committee), as real access way to the homonym glacier, where a ring circuit allows to observe closely this natural show and to know the events and mechanisms have been able to shape a valley safeguarding secrets, unexpected sights and important remains of our history.

To visit the Tibetan bridge and the glacial trail:

TRAVEL TIME: 4-5 hours at round-trip
RECOMMENDED MATERIAL: trekking boots and poles, backpack, windcheater, glasses, cap, gloves.
The hike presents no particular difficulties, it’s accessible to everybody.

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